Meet Nathan

He enjoys cooking, eating, singing and meeting new people. Nathan started Cooking With Melman at a very young age and he has hopes to make people laugh, to make people happy, to put a smile on someones face. And to make sure they stay fed through the power of great recipes and a genuine story now and again. If you’d like to keep up with Nathan’s endeavors, you can Follow Him on Facebook!

How It All Began…

By: Nathan Tune

One of the best joys in life Is FOOD! Food is life! And “Mmm… It’s SO goooood!” If you like food (who doesn’t, you need it to live, duh!) and if you enjoy cooking up great dishes (or if you enjoy your mom or grandma cooking up great dishes) then you’ve come to the right place! This is the place to be for great recipes, fun talk, laughs, even a few natural remedies and more! If that sounds good to you, then “WELCOME to Jurassic P—“ Er… I mean WELCOME to Cooking With Melman!

A little background on the name: When I was younger I LOVED Madagascar! My favorite character was Melman! For whatever reason I started to develop my own version of his voice and his character and I created this phrase that I would say in his voice. Anytime I would eat anything really good or even see or smell a great meal I would instantly blurt out “Mmm… Goooood food!” Or something like “Mmm… It’s SO goooood!” In that voice.

And everyone would just laugh and laugh. I’ve always loved the character and doing the voice and so I thought, why not create this fun little cooking blog?

So join me in the “Goooood food” journey!